Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Atakuman

Name, Surname: Çiğdem Atakuman
Title: Assoc. Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: History and Politics of Heritage and Archaeology in Turkey, the Neolithic Process, Theory and Method of Landscape-Ritual and material culture studies in archaeology, archaeometry, archaeology and society projects.

Tel:0312 210 42 31



Name, Surname: Evangelia Pişkin
Title: Assoc. Prof.

Research of Interest:  Social Sciences and Humanities, Archaelogy and History of Art, Archaeology

Tel: 0312 210 62 22

Name, Surname: Burcu Erciyas
Title: Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Hellenistic period in Anatolia, Archaeology of the Black Sea, Archaeological Method and Theory, Byzantine Archaeology, Seljukid Archaeology, Community Archaeology and Public Involvement.

Tel:0312 210 62 13



Name, Surname: Gülay Ertaş
Title: Assoc. Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS), magnetic microparticles, evaluation of the SERS substrate, use of synthetic biopolymers for metal extraction.

Tel:0312 210 32 02



Name, Surname: Tamer Topal
Title: Assoc.Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Engineering geology, Site investigation, Soil and rock slope stability, Liquefaction, Environmental geology

Tel:0312 210 26




Name, Surname: Zeynep Işıl Kalaylıoğlu
Title: Assoc. Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Bayesian statistics, statistical modelling for health, genetics, biological, and cancer data, model selection, missingness not at random.

Tel:0312 210 53 05



Name, Surname: Ali Kalkanlı
Title: Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Rapid solidification, powder metallurgy, melting and casting, cast iron solidification, magnets and metal matrix.

Tel:0312 210 59 29



Name, Surname: Arda Özacar
Title: Assist Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: AGeophysics, Seismology, Active Tectonics.

Tel:0312 210 26 79

Name, Surname: Mehmet Somel
Title: Assoc. Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Comparative human evolution; transcriptome evolution, human population genetics; ancient DNA, genetics and pysiologicalmechanisms of of aging; braing aging; evolution of aging.

Tel:0312 210 64 60

Name, Surname: Ayşe Duman
Title: Assoc. Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest: Construction techniques and detailing; use of non-destructive investigation techniques for building diagnostics and monitoring and in-situ assessment : Infrared (IR) thermography, ultrasonic testing; building materials, their performance characteristics and decay mechanisms.

Tel:0312 210 62 20/0312 210 22 29



Name, Surname: Kaan Sayıt
Title: Assoc. Professor, Dr.

Research of Interest:  Igneous Petrology, geochemistry.

Tel:0312 210 26 93

Name, Surname: Elif Sürer
Title: Assoc. Asst. Prof

Research of Interest: Computer Sciences Augmented Reality Virtual Reality 3D Impressions Human Computer Interaction Engineering and Technology

Tel:0312 210 67 17



Name, Surname: Çağla Meral Akgül
Title: Asst. Prof.

Research of Interest:  Building materials

Tel:0312 210 24 62

Name, Surname: Fatma Toksoy Köksal 
Title: Assoc. Prof.

Research of Interest:  Geological Engineering, Engineering and Technology

Tel:0312 210 57 42



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