Degrees & Courses


Applicants must hold a Bacholor's degree in the department of Arts and Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Architecture and Education Faculties.

All applications concerning admission to the Master's program should be made through the Registrar's Office of Middle East Technical University (METU). Applicants should submit all required documents before the deadline and are responsible for providing all required documents within the specified time limit. Admission to Master's program is based on the applicant's academic success in the under graduate program, LES, GRE or GMAT scores, level of English language proficiency. Evaluation of other conditions required for admittance is determined by the Chairman of the Graduate Program concerned and announced to the students. Decisions on addmission to the Master's of Science Program in Archaeometry are made by the Graduate School upon recommendations of the department.

Applicant's level of English knowledge is evaluated according to the result of KPDS (Language Exam for Civil Servants) or METU English Proficiency Examination. Acceptable score on these examinations is determined with the recommendation of the Chairman of each department and with the approval of administrative Board of the Gradute School. However, this score cannot be less than 70 out of 100 for KPDS and 65 out 100 for METU English Proficiency examinations which can be accepted instead of KPDS and METU ELPE and the minimum scores required on each are determined by the University Senate.

In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for admission to the graduate study, applicants need to have the consent of the head of the Graduate School Department of Archaeometry (GSDA).

Further details about the degree requirements can be found in METU General Catalogue.